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Alex Jurek

Alex Jurek, 19, was born with cerebral palsy, a disorder that can affect movement, muscle tone or posture. CP is caused by damage that occurs to the developing brain, most often before birth. Since the age of 10, Alex has worked with physical and occupational therapists at Pen Bay Physical and Occupational Therapy in order to maintain his mobility and as he approaches adulthood, gain increasing strength and autonomy.

The team at Pen Bay Physical and Occupational Therapy has worked with Alex through the multiple surgeries he has needed throughout the years, supporting him physically and assisting with equipment throughout his growth stages. His therapists and their staff consider him “a family member.”

As Alex prepares to transition into living on his own at a group home this fall, the focus has been on occupational therapies that will allow him to handle all of his own self-care needs, and put him on the pathway to full independence.

Alex has many local friends and is a fun young man with a great sense of humor! He enjoys participating in theatrical productions and his favorite place to be is the Camden Public Library where he enjoys picking out books to read and the latest movie to watch.

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