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Adelaide Sonia

Caitlin and Scott Sonia are the grateful parents of Adelaide Sonia, now aged 2 ½.  At about 1 year of age, Adelaide contracted croup, was sick for days and was not getting better. The Sonia family worked with her pediatrician at Pen Bay (Dr. Winkes) but her health situation became serious almost overnight and they brought her to the Pen Bay ER in the middle of the night where the on-call MD, Dr. Stephenson diagnosed her with bacterial tracheitis, that was closing her airways.

The Sonia family was new to the area, moving from the Boston-metro area, and were accustomed to the premier flagship hospitals in that city. It was scary for them to be in a new, smaller town with such an extreme health situation affecting their infant daughter. They were impressed and reassured, however, by Dr. Stephenson’s fearless leadership and compassionate abilities as he quickly coordinated Adelaide’s care, leveraged the expertise available, and arranged LifeFlight transport to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital where she was stabilized with specially administered intubation for her tiny body.

Adelaide’s coordinated care team worked to restore her to health quickly, and the Sonia family learned what it meant to receive both expert care and heartfelt empathy as their daughter completed her healing recovery at Pen Bay Pediatrics. Because of the experience, the entire family recognizes the difference between being a community member that would see their caregiver neighbors at music class or the grocery store instead of being residents in a faceless city.

Today, Addie is a happy and social two-and-a-half year old, who lives in Camden and loves playing by the waterfall and harbor side, getting hot chocolate (with whipped cream!) from Zoot and blowing bubbles. At home she has a dog, a cat, chickens and a new 5-month old sibling.

Pen Bay Medical Center

Pen Bay Medical Center is a not-for-profit, Top Rural, Leapfrog Hospital Safety Score Graded and the largest community hospital in Midcoast Maine.

Emergency Care at Pen Bay

The Pen Bay Medical Center Emergency Department is open 24/7 and is part of the MaineHealth family of regional hospitals.