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Rehabilitation Gym

It is important to start rehabilitation and return to daily activities, when recovering from surgery, injury or illness. Rehabilitation helps the recovery process.

Rehabilitation gyms make it easy and convenient to start your exercises and stretching under the guidance of a skilled therapist.

What is the rehabilitation gym?

Specialists at a rehabilitation gym or rehabilitation center focus on a quick and safe return to activity for their patients.

It is important to engage in rehabilitation exercises to prevent complications when recovering from surgery or an injury. Rehabilitation therapy typically starts soon after a patient has a procedure. This allows patients to start strengthening muscles and promotes quicker recovery.

Rehabilitation staff includes nurses and rehabilitation therapists. They will evaluate a patient as the patient sits, stands and participates in specific exercises for increasing strength and range of motion.

Rehabilitation gym benefits

The recovery and rehabilitation process plays a critical role in helping you get moving and resume an active lifestyle. It aids in the healing process and greatly improves your chances for long-term success. It’s important to commit to your rehabilitation team’s plan for you and to push yourself to the best of your ability each day.

Using the rehabilitation gym helps patients:

  • Restore joint movement and mobility

  • Regain strength in the joint and surrounding muscles

  • Relieve pain and swelling

  • Get back to normal activities

  • Improve circulation to avoid blood clot issues