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Pediatric Radiology

Having a medical procedure can be scary for children. At MaineHealth, pediatric radiologists focus on the unique medical needs of children. They have the specialized skills to diagnose and monitor illnesses and injuries in children of all ages.

Pediatric radiologists use advanced technology such as CT scans, fluoroscopy and X-rays.  There are many conditions that are only seen in children—pediatric radiologists can evaluate these conditions in a setting that is safe and comfortable for children.

What to expect from pediatric radiology

Pediatric radiology is safe for children. While children are more sensitive to radiation than adults, pediatric radiologists make sure to keep radiation exposure at the lowest possible level for young patients.

  • Radiology departments have specific equipment to diagnose patient conditions.

  • Pediatric radiology machines work the same as standard machines but use lower doses of radiation and have features tailored for infants and children

  • Pediatric radiology departments usually have an environment to make children comfortable during their procedures and evaluations. Children are able to relax, which helps radiologists and technicians get a better image for diagnosis.

The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center

At the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital, providers consider children first. The providers focus on offering a safe and friendly place children and their families to diagnose, educate, and treat conditions children may face. The radiology team has specific equipment and skills to diagnose and care for children’s growing and changing bodies.