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Telemedicine can give patient the opportunity to receive evaluations and treatment without seeing their provider in person. Telepsychiatry can provide the same care to patients who seek psychiatric care.

What is telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry is a method of providing care and psychiatric evaluation and consultation services through telemedicine. This usually involves a videoconference between patients and their provider. Telepsychiatry can give patient care in areas not regularly serviced.

Telepsychiatry can help reduce wait times, unnecessary hospitalizations, give patients the opportunity for earlier access to treatment options. In-home telepsychiatry can provide care to mental health patients in the comfort of their own home or private space.

Some patients feel more comfortable discussing their care with doctors using telepsychiatry. Ask your mental health care provider if they offer telepsychiatry services.

Telepsychiatry is a phone call away

Spring Harbor Hospital has telepsychiatry services to provide patients with psychiatric care using technology. Their care can extend to rural areas that may not have the level of mental health care services that they need.