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Financial Assistance

What financial aid is available for opioid treatment?

MaineHealth is here to help, regardless of your ability to pay. The most important first step is to call the nearest treatment location. We do accept most insurances, Medicare and MaineCare, but you do not need insurance to receive treatment.

MaineHealth Coverage Team: MaineCare provides help for people who need treatment for substance use, including opioid addiction treatment. Many people in Maine are eligible for MaineCare, including adults without children. The MaineHealth Coverage Team will help you with the MaineCare application process, which can be confusing and stressful to do by yourself. We will also work with you to see if there are other assistance programs you may be eligible for. Contact us at 833-284-8816.

MaineHealth CarePartners: Some assistance may be available through MaineHealth CarePartners - a partnership of MaineHealth, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers that helps people who don't qualify for public or private health care coverage programs. CarePartners coordinates health care services for low-income, uninsured residents in the following Maine counties: Cumberland, Knox, Lincoln, Waldo, York. For more information, visit MaineHealth Care Partners.

MaineHealth Free Care: MaineHealth provides free care to Maine residents living at 200% of the poverty level. Some New Hampshire residents may also qualify for this program. To learn more about how to access free opioid treatment services, contact a MaineHealth financial service representative today at 207-887-5100 or toll-free at 866-804-2499.

We're here to help.

MaineHealth financial service representatives are available Monday-Thursday, from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., and on Friday, from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Call 207-887-5100

Next Steps for Someone Seeking Treatment

If you or someone you know is struggling with OUD, the first step is to begin Integrated Medication-Assisted Treatment (IMAT) at one of our intensive treatment locations.

Next Steps for Providers

If you would like to refer a patient for OUD treatment, please call 1-844-292-0111.

Visit our provider page to view training and resources.