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Geriatric Medicine

MaineHealth geriatric services help older adults manage their health conditions and avoid future illnesses and injuries as much as possible. View our directory of geriatric medicine care providers.

What is geriatric medicine?

Geriatric medicine focuses on preventive care for older adults. Geriatric medicine care providers have specialized training in caring for the unique needs of aging patients. The goal is to help older people manage their health and maintaining their independence for as long as possible.

Talk to your primary care provider about a geriatric assessment

A geriatric assessment includes a comprehensive review of your physical health; cognitive and functional capabilities; lifestyle; medications: residential environment; and family/community supports. Your doctor will recommend a wellness plan that can help you avoid future illnesses and injuries as much as possible. They may also recommend specialty care or community services if needed.

Know your risk factors

Older people are at a higher risk of developing health conditions such as:

Geriatric Care at Maine Medical Center (MMC)

The MMC Geriatric Center is focused on meeting the unique needs of older adults. Learn more about available services, resources and health programs.