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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Do you suffer from dizziness or vertigo? There are many causes for these disorienting and life-disrupting conditions, including migraines or Vitamin D deficiencies. Those suffering from these symptoms now have a local specialist to turn to for treatment, as Memorial Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy now offers treatment for those with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) and other vestibulopathies.

Stephanie Pavao, PT, CSCS, AIB-VR recently has completed intense coursework at the American Institute of Balance in Largo, Florida, which is one of the largest multi-specialty centers in the country for the treatment of dizziness and balance disorders. During this training, she learned how to categorize the cause of dizziness and has learned techniques to improve it.

Benign (not life threatening) Paroxysmal (sudden, brief spells) Positional (triggered by head positioning) Vertigo (a false sense of rotational movement) abbreviated to BPPV is the number one cause of vertigo and is more prevalent in those 50 years of age or older. BPPV often occurs without any apparent reason and typically lasts for seconds. This condition is caused by migration of otoconia (calcium carbonate crystals) into the semicircular canals of the vestibular system located in the inner ear. When the otoconia migrate, it causes the body to feel like it is moving because the otoconia react to gravity and moves the fluid in the ear giving feedback to the brain that the body is moving. Typically, only one ear is affected, which testing can reveal and treatment can be decided upon to move the otoconia out of the semicircular canals to be deposited back into the utricle of the ear (which disposes of them). Typically, BPPV will be 98% better in 3 treatments.

There is a greater incidence of BPPV in women verses men. Vitamin D deficiencies are found to have increased prevalence of BPPV. People who suffer from migraines often show vestibular symptoms as an aura.

As a result of specific treatment interventions, patients have had good resolution of their symptoms and have been able to return to their normal lives with minimal or without the sensation of dizziness.

Please contact your provider for a referral to Memorial Hospital Outpatient Physical Therapy (603-733-5921) for treatment.