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Medication Bridge

Medication Bridge is a community service program that helps patients of Memorial Hospital providers obtain prescription drugs directly from pharmaceutical companies at little or no cost.


We'll Help You Through the Maze

Medication Bridge will help fill out the necessary paperwork to qualify you for the Patient Assistance Programs that are offered by several pharmaceutical companies. We will submit the applications for you, and work directly with your provider to track your medications for reorder. Please note: All medications are sent directly to your physician’s office. You are responsible for picking up your prescriptions.


Expensive Medication? Maybe We Can Help

Are you having trouble affording your medications? Let your primary care provider know and ask them to refer you to the Medication Bridge Program. Once we receive the referral we will send you an application and a list of any documentation required. Upon completion, call our office, we will set up an appointment and get the process underway.


Program Limitations

  • Medication is received approximately 4 to 8 weeks from submission of application
  • The program covers long-term medications and not short-term therapy such as antibiotics.
  • Not all prescription drugs are included.
  • Most name brand medications have programs for assistance.
  • This program does not distribute or pay for medications.
  • Approval by pharmaceutical assistance programs is not guaranteed through the Medication Bridge Program.


General Qualifications for Patient Assistance Programs

  • You must be a legal resident of the United States
  • You cannot have any outside assistance in paying for your prescription drugs
  • You must need long-term prescription drugs
  • You must meet Pharmaceutical Company income guidelines
  • If you are a Medicare D participant and have reached your ‘donut hole’, we may be able to help

Office Hours

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