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A Matter of Balance

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Have you turned down a chance to go out with family and friends or cut down on a favorite activity because you were concerned about falling? If so, this award-winning, evidence-based falls intervention program is right for you!

A Matter of Balance can help if:

  • You are 60 or older
  • You have fallen in the past or are fearful about falling
  • You don't do some things you enjoy because you fear falling
  • You would like to be more flexible, stronger, and have better balance

When are A Matter of Balance classes held?

Click here to see the 2021 online class schedule. Classes are scheduled periodically or call for details. 

Where to find A Matter of Balance classes:

Where to find A Matter of Balance classes: Classes are typically offered in a variety of locations in Mount Washington Valley and the surrounding community including North Conway, Jackson, Tamworth and Bridgton, Maine. However, during COVID-19 the Matter of Balance has been able to offer virtual classes in the same safe and effective format.

Register for more information:

New virtual classes will be available starting in January 2021. Please check back here or call Heather Phillips at 603-356-5461, ext. 2187.


Brought to you by the Community Health Council including Memorial Hospital, Visiting Nurse Home Care & Hospice of Carroll County and Mineral Springs in partnership with The Gibson Center for Senior Services, Tamworth Nurses Association, the NH Foundation for Healthy Communities and MaineHealth.

Matter of Balance Graduates Invited to Take Tai Ji Quan

Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance® (TJQMBB) is a research-based balance training regimen designed for older adults and people with balance disorders. Fuzhong Li, Ph.D., a Senior Scientist at Oregon Research Institute, developed the program. Although its origin can be traced to the Simplified 24-form Tai Ji Quan routine, TJQMBB represents a significant paradigm shift in the application of Tai Ji Quan, moving the focus from its historical use as a martial art or recreational activity to propagating health by addressing common, but potentially debilitating, functional impairments/deficits. This unique training approach is the culmination of a systematic series of scientific studies to improve efficacy, utility, and community and clinical relevance.