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Strategic Plan

As part of MaineHealth, Memorial Hospital is part of an integrated health system dedicated to working together so our communities in New Hampshire and Maine are the healthiest in America. A Strategic Planning Committee composed of community volunteers and leaders from across MaineHealth develops a system-level strategic plan that outlines key priorities common to all our communities.

The MaineHealth Strategic Plan sets our course and articulates a shared mission and vision, as the system and its local health systems work together toward common goals. It outlines the organization’s strategic priorities and offers direction for on-going planning, helping guide critical decisions regarding resource allocation, including both capital and human resources, as well as how we navigate the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Using the MaineHealth Strategic Plan as a guide, Memorial Hospital engages in a local strategic planning process, using system guidelines and resources to positively impact local health care and wellness.

Memorial Hospital Strategic Plan for FY 2017-19

Read the Memorial Hospital 2017-19 strategic plan to learn more about our organization's goals and objectives.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Memorial will make investments to endeavor for top decile performance in select measures related to quality, patient safety and patient experience by the end of Fiscal Year 2019.

  • For the following FY17 MaineHealth System measures, Memorial will:
    • ACO measures:
      1. Continue to exceed the MaineHealth target for Colorectal Cancer Screening rates; 
      2. Improve performance on Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c> 9%) Test for Diabetes
      3. Improve performance on Hypertension (HTN) Control
      4. Improve performance on Diabetes Mellitus Eye Exam
    • Value Based Purchasing measures:
      1. Improve performance to meet the MaineHealth target on Patient Satisfaction – Inpatient measure: HCAHPS: “Would you recommend this hospital to your friends and family?”; and
      2. To continue to have a rate of zero on Hospital Acquired Conditions (CLABSI, CAUTI)
  • For FY17, Memorial will improve CG-CAHPS scores on Coordination of Care by 5%.

Community Health Needs Initiatives – 

  • Memorial Hospital will be the leader in promoting healthy lifestyles with focus on obesity prevention/management.
    • Expand Let’s Go initiative to 2 additional sites.
    • Expand Obesity prevention/management initiatives to adult population.
  • Memorial to work with community partners to offer behavioral health support
    • Participate with community stakeholders in expansion of regional behavioral health services.
    • Expand existing Childhood Wellness initiative to include behavioral health support.
  • Implement applicable FY17 recommendations of MaineHealth Opioid Task Force.

Memorial will identify and deploy key strategies that will allow us to achieve and maintain a sustainable operating margin.

  • To meet the operating margin target for FY17.
  • Develop a plan to implement and successfully utilize Truven Analytics.
  • Enhance revenue cycle management as measured by the reduction of administrative write offs to less than 1% of gross charges.
  • To meet 100% of the productivity and expense targets in the Financial Benchmark Stoplight Report developed with the Board. 

Primary Care - Primary Care at Memorial Hospital will realize the benefit of Patient Centered Medical Home with improved access for all patients.

  • Improve patient experience scores related to Access to Care as measured by “How Often Did you get an answer to your medical question the same day?”; and How often did you get an appointment for care as soon as you needed” by 2%.
  • Develop strategy to expand physician access to reduce average amount of time until next available appointment for complete physicals by 20%, from 52.5 days to 42 days.
  • Monitor and improve phone access resulting in a decreased amount of unanswered calls as measured through ACD reporting from 32.7% to less than 25%.
  • Improve new patient intake facilitating 2% growth in new patients in FY2017.

Geriatrics - Memorial Hospital will meet the healthcare needs of an aging community as defined in the 2015 Community Health Needs Assessment, establishing a geriatric continuum of services.

  • Complete the analysis of the Adult Day Care Center.
  • Complete planning process, gain final Board approval and establish schedule for construction of an Adult Day Care Center.
  • Creative a new governance and operational model for sustainability of Merriman House.
  • Roll out access to Geriatrician via tele-health through Primary Care.

Regional Collaboration & Service Delivery Assessment - Memorial will clearly define and analyze its programs and services so that its offerings appropriately meet community needs.

  • Memorial will conduct a service delivery assessment of its programs and services.
  • Identify opportunities in the Western Regionalization Initiative.

Memorial will invest and focus on engagement of all employees throughout our system.

  • Memorial Hospital will establish a strategy that will increase employee engagement scores and establish a benchmark for provider engagement
    • Utilizing the Department Engagement Work Groups, identify and recommend strategies in FY17 that will move engagement to the 35th percentile by FY17.
    • Based on the results of the Aug. ’16 provider survey, establish a goal for improvement that is equal to or better than the MH System results.
  • Memorial Hospital will promote a unified and collaborative culture across the organization.
    • Memorial will participate in the development of, adopt and implement the MaineHealth System Values
    • Charge the Employee Engagement Council to serve as the promoters for the values and develop a plan to implement the values across the organization.
  • Memorial Hospital will develop a plan to build accountability across the workforce to create ownership for department, unit and individual responsibilities.
    • Partner with all manager levels to develop measurable goals for each department, team and employee and to strategize accountability processes for successful goal achievement along with missed achievement processes.
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