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Vocational Rehabilitation

The Department of Vocational services employs skilled Employment Specialists to help all individuals with a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities achieve employment of their choice in their community.

Our employment and career development services are based upon each individual's strengths, interests and needs and have been proven to be successful regardless of the type of disability.

Our Services

  • Assessment: We want to understand an individual's skills, interests and needs in order to provide a proper match between the individual and the job.
  • Career Development: Help people learn about various occupations on a first-hand basis such as touring companies, job shadowing, and employment.
  • Job Search Support: Assist in identifying job opportunities, writing resumes and preparing for a job interview which help people find employment
  • Job Keeping Support: Activities which help both the person and the employer assure success of the individual on the job, including job analysis, work-site accommodations, and on-site and off-site job coaching.