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Let’s Go! is committed to providing registered sites training through in-person meetings, group meetings, site visits, workshops, and conferences. We also provide virtual support to ECE programs through online training modules, phone calls and email exchange. 

Online Training Modules

The Let’s Go! online training modules are self-paced and designed to educate ECE providers on different physical activity and nutrition-related topics for young children. Each module has a knowledge-enhancing quiz and is worth one licensing contact hour in the state of Maine.

This module provides overview of why good nutrition is important for young children, explain the components of an early care and education program environment that promote healthy eating, describe the role of early care educators in shaping children’s eating behaviors, and list actions staff can take in their program to help children develop healthy eating behaviors.

This module provides an overview of the basics of physical activity for young children and the role body movement has in proper development, gross motor recommendations for infants, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as the important role early care and education programs play in helping children develop active lifestyles.

This module provides an overview of how to properly store and handle breast milk and how you can create a welcoming and supportive environment for breastfeeding families; ultimately helping moms successfully achieve their breastfeeding goals. The goal is to educate providers and build their confidence in supporting moms who breastfeed.

This recorded webinar will provide you information about Go NAPSACC in Maine. Go NAPSACC is a free online tool for ECE providers, which includes seven focus areas to help ECE providers make positive changes in their programs. The webinar will provide an overview of Go NAPSACC, what resources are available in Go NAPSACC, how it ties in with your partnership with Let’s Go!, and how to get started.