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Strategic Plan

MaineHealth’s 2016-18 strategic plan sets our system-level course and outlines the strategic priorities that support our health system’s commitment to the people and communities we serve. This plan outlines our common goals, provides strategic direction, and helps build even closer partnerships among MaineHealth members in support of our shared vision of working together so our communities are the healthiest in America. 

More than a year in the making, the LincolnHealth 2017-2019 Strategic Plan was completed in August of 2016 and serves as a roadmap for every program and service we develop and provide. From capital projects, such as the new health center on the Miles campus, to programs like 5-2-1-0 Let’s Go, everything we will do is linked to the five strategic priorities listed below. Each of these priorities has several goals designed to help us meet our mission and provide the best in health care services possible to our community.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

LincolnHealth will invest and focus on engagement of all employees throughout our system.

  • Develop a plan to mitigate the current and pending workforce shortages including strategies to retain engaged employees and providers:
    •  Partner with MaineHealth Talent Acquisition, physician leaders and the MaineHealth Coastal Region to develop long-term retention and recruitment strategies in 2017 that achieve Days-to- Hire and Vacancy Rate results that are equal to or better than the MaineHealth System and Advisory Board benchmarks (2018 & 2019).
  • Establish an employee driven internal strategy that will increase employee engagement scores:
    • Utilizing the LincolnHealth Employee Engagement Council and Operational Excellence identify and recommend strategies that will achieve improvement equal to or better than the overall MaineHealth results as measured by the February 2017 Employee Engagement Survey and that are within the national top 25th percentile as measured by the August 2018 Employee Engagement Survey.
  • Develop strategies to mitigate Medical Staff burn out:
    • Complete an evaluation of current Epic work flows (2017).        
    • Identify steps necessary to optimize Epic and reduce clerical work for providers by maximizing work flow capabilities in the EMR for support staff (2018).        

LincolnHealth will continue to partner and strengthen our relationships within the community and with employers through wide-spread accessibility, communication and volunteerism that support and promote our Mission, Vision and Core Values.

  • Develop a research based community engagement communication plan that focuses on continuous outreach and simplification of the LH message and implement top line tactics (2017).
    • Implement a plan that includes face to face opportunities and enhanced Community Committee involvement and develop an evaluation report (2018).
    • Based on evaluation, make any required adjustments to the community engagement communication plan (2019).
  • Utilizing My Chart increase patient convenience and accessibility to information and care:
    • Evaluate the current use of My Chart and establish a plan to increase the number of patients enrolled and establish baseline benchmarks that define successful utilization (2017).
    • Implement the developed SeHR My Chart utilization plan (2018).
    • Participate in the development of a plan for My Chart mobile access (2019).

LincolnHealth is committed to ensuring access to patient centered, high quality, and affordable care to the community.

  • Achieve top decile performance in nationally benchmarked quality, patient safety and patient experience measures:
    • Develop a plan and implement efforts to achieve goals identified by MaineHealth related to five ACO contract measures (Ongoing 2017 – 2019).
    • Develop a plan and implement efforts to achieve goals identified by MaineHealth on three hospital based CMS Value Based Purchasing metrics by (Ongoing 2017 – 2019).
  • Identify and deploy key strategies that will allow us to achieve and maintain a sustainable operating margin:
    • Achieve operating margin target (2017-1019)
    • Develop a plan to implement and successfully utilize Truven Analytics to provide benchmarking support to help drive our financial decision making (2018).

LincolnHealth will initiate a transformational shift in order to more effectively meet the needs of the community.

  • Focus on enhancement of the Ambulatory Care strategy:
    • Complete planning process, gain final Board approval and begin construction of new ambulatory care center (2017). Complete construction and begin operations at the ambulatory care center (2018).
    • Develop a care coordination strategy to enhance the management of identified populations (e.g. Diabetes Management-HbA1c), (2017). Expand the care coordination strategy to enhance the management of further identified specific populations of interest (2019).
    • Evaluate the utilization of the current expanded primary care hours (2017) and based on results, determine the need for additional and/or restructured hours to improve access to care (2018).
  • Increase specialty services locally:
    • Identify 2 specialty services to expand locally (e.g. double the number of Cardiology hours) (2017), and explore the addition of Oncology services (2018).
  • Complete an analysis of the Senior Living Continuum to optimize the services available to the community (2017).

LincolnHealth will continue to lead in the development of initiatives and services to promote the improvement of health within our service area through the achievement of targets in our Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Index priorities.

  • Develop a plan to address at least two high priority areas of focus as identified through the Community Health Needs Assessment and Health Index Report (2017).
  • Collaborate with at least two community partners to create educational offerings around pre-diabetes (2017).

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