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Lolly's Survivor Story

Lolly Mitchell has a story to share. She is a survivor at age 84. She survived breast and lung cancer. She initially received care at Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport when she thought she had walking pneumonia. A concerning chest x-ray led her care to be transferred to specialists at Maine Medical Center.

“As these medical interludes have kept coming, I keep doin,’ doin’ … keeping busy,” said Lolly. Six months after having lung cancer treated, she found out she had breast cancer. She credits her patient navigator for helping her through her surgery and through her care at Maine Medical Center. “I know how to read charts and navigate on our boat. However, my nurse navigator helped me feel secure during my care.”

“I am monitored at Pen Bay,” she said. She likes that Pen Bay Medical Center is close to her home and the water. Life has not slowed down after cancer. Lolly and her husband enjoy art, reading, raising a puppy, and sailing the Maine coast and islands.

Lolly’s breast cancer surgeon, Dr. Elizabeth DesJardin explained, “for all those women we care about -- have them reach out to their doctor and ask about their screening options for breast cancer. Do not be afraid to ask questions.”

“I’m glad I had Dr. DesJardin as my surgeon,” said Lolly. “I’m here today, and life is good.”