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Coordinated Team Approach to Cancer Care

Team care is patient-centered

MaineHealth's coordinated, system-wide approach to cancer care puts patients at the center of a team of experts. Regardless of their location, team members collaborate (both in person and via telecommunications) to discuss individual patient cases, utilize evidence-based guidelines that show the best outcomes, and develop a recommended treatment plan that may include care at more than one MaineHealth system hospital.

Team care means the best care for you

Treating people with cancer often requires a multidisciplinary approach. It’s common for patients to have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. The physicians who specialize in each of these types of cancer therapy work together, and with additional specialists such as pathologists, radiologists, pharmacists, patient navigators, nurse practitioners and nutritionists.

Access to top specialists

Not every MaineHealth-affiliated hospital has the full range of expertise. Therefore, we aligned all of our providers as one team. Our providers know that they and their patients have access to the quality care they need. A patient may receive surgery at one hospital where a physician has a particular expertise, but then return closer to home for follow-up care, including chemotherapy or radiation treatment. The goal is to provide the right care, in the right place, as close to home as possible.

  • Patients seeking second opinions and access to clinical trials have the option to travel to Maine Medical Center or MaineGeneral Medical Center, the largest of our six hospitals that are accredited by the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer.

In all cases, our experts will guide patients to the best available care and determine how much of it can be delivered close to home.

2021 Outcomes Report

Learn more about our key achievements, outcomes and innovations in cancer care.

MaineHealth Cancer Care

We're integrating our cancer care services and deepening our commitment to patients and their families who are fighting cancer together. MaineHealth Cancer Care provides the advanced care Mainers need - right here at home, in Southern Maine.

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