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What Families Are Saying

Our website provides a lot of information about the children’s health care at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital. Sometimes, though, it's helpful to learn from other families. We invite you to hear what some of our patients and families have to say about their experience with The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

Jacob's Story

Lorello Twin's Story

"We learned very quickly into Caroline’s diagnosis that the doctors nurses and staff at BBCH were our second family. I honestly believe the people there are angels on earth for doing all that they do every day for patients there. It is unfortunate that she must be in the hospital so often, but it is a part of our lives, and we are truly blessed to call BBCH a second home.” — Jessica (mom)

“We would be remiss not to recognize the exceptional team of caregivers at The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.  We have spent more than our fair share of time at children’s hospitals, and can say with confidence that the quality of the care and the treatment we received as people were second to none.” — Kevin (dad)

“Our triplets were in NICU for about a month and a half when we got a phone call that the boys were being moved to the Continuing Care Nursery (CCN).  They moved the boys over because three rooms opened up together so we would not have to separate them.  When we got the call we cried….a lot.  We had come to truly love our nurses.  They had been with us at our lowest and scariest moments to our highs.  The nurses had become our extended family.” — Melissa (mom)

“I cannot say enough about all the nurses and staff who made these difficult circumstances as easy as it could possibly be. My son’s first memory is on July 4th sitting on the window sill in his sister’s hospital room, overlooking Hadlock Field and watching the fireworks. One of my more precious memories of this time was getting our daughter baptized, in the hospital chapel, and a family get-together after in the outside gardens. The angel doll that was given to us still sits in our daughter’s room watching over her. Both of these moments were made possible by the nurses and staff at BBCH.” — Carrie (mom)