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2017 MaineHealth Annual Report

Message from the President of MaineHealth

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the MaineHealth system. In April 1997, then-Board President Don McDowell described the role of an integrated health system as one that "seeks to bring providers together and to improve coordination for the sake of quality and patient experience." MaineHealth's foundational mission -- to provide high-quality cost-effective health care for our communities at every stage of life -- was built on collaboration, respect, innovation and an unyielding commitment to the patients and communities we serve.

While the technologies, policies and infrastructure that support health care have changed over the past 20 years -- and MaineHealth has evolved along with them -- our core values and mission remain essentially unchanged.

The stories in our Annual Report, framed by the common thread of our shared system values, convey how our integrated health system works together to deliver high-quality, innovative, patient-centered health care while improving the health of those we serve. From establishing a world-class network for cancer care, to fighting the epidemic of opioid use disorder, to partnering on innovative solutions to improve patient care, our health system is unified in our commitment to provide the very best health care to the 1.1 million people and communities we are privileged to serve today and in the decades to come.

William L. Caron Jr.

President, MaineHealth

Read the 2017 MaineHealth Annual Report

You are invited to download and read the 2017 MaineHealth Annual Report.

Investing in Our Communities

In keeping with our vision and mission, the MaineHealth integrated health system works together to offer a wide range of community programs focused on disease management, prevention and population health — free of charge — and no one is ever denied care because of inability to pay.

In 2016 the MaineHealth quantifiable value of community benefits at cost amounted to $403,989,477. This number reflects all of the programs and services our health system provides without reimbursement, including uncompensated care, professional education and training, community health services and support, and research.

MaineHealth and Subsidiaries Consolidated Statement of Operations

Year Ended September 30, 2016   ($ in thousands)
Funds Received   
  • Amounts charged for patient services
  • Less portion not received due to Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance reimbursement rates paid at amounts less than charged  
  • Less portion of amounts charged not received due to lack of patient ability to pay  
  • Less portion of amounts charged that were provided to patients as free care
  • Net payments received from services provided to patients
  • Gifts, earnings on investments and other non-patient revenue
 Total Funds Received    2,235,992
 Funds Expended  
  • Salaries and benefits 
  • Professional fees, purchased services, supplies and taxes
  • Cost of facilities, depreciation, interest, other
 Total Funds Expended    2,139,661
 Amounts Earned for Future Investments in Patient Care and Community Health Programs    $96,331