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2017 Superhero Nomination Form



Nancy Chaves and Hannah Williams Southern Maine Healthcare
Marsha Newman and Jennifer DeWeir Pen Bay Medical Center
April Pinkham LincolnHealth


Gertrude "Trudy" Munson Waldo County Healthcare
Christina Klee Maine Medical Center
Tracey Jackson LincolnHealth
Heather Harris LincolnHealth
Martha Gammon Western Maine Health
Maegen Devou Southern Maine Health Care
Laurie Curtin Pen Bay Medical Center
Emily Cross Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Bernice Clark Cove’s Edge
Jennifer Civiello Maine Medical Center
Rhonda Brooks Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Jim Bailinson MaineHealth


Cindi Bell Maine Medical Partners
Pamela Chuchill Western Maine Health
Lee-Andra D'Attilio Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Rob Fowler Waldo County Healthcare
Melinda Hellum Waldo County Healthcare
Stephanie Henderson Maine Medical Partners
Carla-Jo Kaler Pen Bay Healthcare
Kimberly LaChance Southern Maine Healthcare
Francoise Marchilli Maine Medical Partners
Robin Mellen Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Jackie Merrifield LincolnHealth
Anna Paradis LincolnHealth
Krystal Payette Southern Maine Healthcare
Jennifer Reid Maine Medical Partners
Clae Seekins Waldo County Health Care
Dianne Shaw Southern Maine Healthcare
Monica Smith Southern Maine Healthcare
Kristen Stout Maine Behavorial Healthcare
Katherine Ureneck Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Marie Wills Maine Medical Partners
Cheryl Woods Lincoln County Health


January Tom Carron, Maine Mental Health Partners
February Terri Laverriere, Southern Maine Health Care
March Beth Valley, Maine Mental Health Partners
April Chris Guimond, Pen Bay Healthcare
May Donna Brookings, Maine Medical Partners
June George Orestis, Waldo County Health Care
July Jane Brown, Pen Bay Healthcare
August Jen Casey, Western Maine Health
September Jon Murphy, Maine Medical Center
October Kim Gordon, Western Maine Health
November David Prejean, Southern Maine Health Care
December Maine Medical Partners Group




Sherri Gaurneri, Pen Bay Healthcare
Rebeccah Hitchcock, MaineHealth Corporate                


Louise Beaulieu, Southern Maine Medical Center
Kimberly Quint, Southern Maine Medical Center


Samantha Jackson, LincolnHealth
Patti League, MaineHealth Corporate

April Jessica Blanchette & Ginger Johnson, MMC PHO
Helen Pendleton, Maine Medical Center
May Sharon Bufffington, Western Maine Health Care
Rae Buehl, Western Maine Health Care
June David Reed, Pen Bay Health Care
Jennifer Faucher, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses
July Sherry Corbeil, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses
Billie Allen & Bonnie Clark, Waldo County Healthcare
August Kevin Hall, Southern Maine Medical Center
Anita Morin, Maine Medical Center
September Stephanie Nichols, Maine Medical Center
Stephens Sweats it Off, Western Maine Health Care
October Jayne Chouinard, Southern Maine Medical Center
Vicki Carson, Maine Medical Partners
November Michael Blanchard, Maine Mental Health Partners
Jaunita, Crystal, Diane, Southern Maine Medical Center
December Sara Ellingwood, Maine Medical Partners
Theresa Eckerson, Synernet

 Kellie Hebert, Southern Maine Medical Center
 Sione & Mavis Taungatua, Waldo County Healthcare

 February  Mike & Diane Peet, Western Maine Healthcare
 Kathy Wright,  LincolnHealth
 March  Debbie Betts, HomeHealth Visiting Nurses
 Tami Pepin, Southern Maine Medical Center
 April  Greg Gelinas & Ken Sawtelle, Maine Medical Center
 Sally Fitzgerald, Maine Medical Center

 PHO Group
 Western Maine Health Runners Group


 Elise Mace, Maine Medical Health Partners
 Stacey Jensen, Maine Medical Center

 July  Becky Barrows, Synernet
 Farrah Hill, Pen Bay Healthcare
 August  Betsy Boynton, Pen Bay Healthcare
 Rebecca Jaynes, Maine Medical Center 
 September  Ronald Cote, NorDx
 Dawn Demers, MaineHealth Corporate
 October  Marianne Miro, MaineHealth Corporate
 MaryAnn Dyer, Pen Bay Healthcare
 November  Robert Hand, Western Maine Healthcare
 Bob Augustine, Pen Bay Healthcare
 December  Amy Ronan, LincolnHealth
 Tom Guare, MaineHealth and Maine Medical Center
 Extra Story  110 Free Street Weight Watchers Group