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WOW! Group Health Coaching

Available for all MaineHealth Employees

What is Health and Wellness Coaching?

Usually people begin health and wellness coaching because they are struggling with something that may be affecting their health and happiness -- stress, weight loss, tobacco, life balance or energy. WOW! Certified Health and Wellness Coaches are specially trained professionals who will help you to explore barriers, build skills, and make step by step lasting changes that lead to improved health. This option is recommended for employees who like sharing their experiences and getting support from other people in the group. Group Health Coaching will help you identify and achieve your goals by helping you make changes in nutrition, physical activity and stress reduction. Group Health Coaching is a supportive way to improve your lifestyle and work toward your optimal health.

Group Coaching

Group coaching offers the guidance of a certified health and wellness coach and the benefit of working in a group. Group coaching provides an opportunity to:

  • Learn from each other – Clients are able to hear from others going through the process of change, and think about how to apply those experiences to achieve their own goals. They may also learn about helpful information and resources, particularly if they are working on a similar issue as other group members.
  • Support each other – As group members develop camaraderie and trust, they can support one another both during and outside of the group.

Groups will range in size from 6 to 14 people. Each session is 60 minutes long and is held either once a week or once a month- depending on location. You will have the same coach and be a part of the same group for each of the sessions. If you miss one of the sessions, you may not move to a different group on another date.

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