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Press Release

New Ambulance Arrives at PACE


Western Maine Health President and CEO Timothy A. Churchill was pleased to announce the arrival of the new PACE ambulance.

PACE Director Robert Hand, says of the new truck, "This is probably one of the safest ambulances on the street.  It has safety seating for the crew with sliding/pivoting chairs so that they can provide patient care while belted into an actual crash tested seat.  Seats also face forward while the truck is in motion.  The front of the ambulance is designed to be a “heads up console”, so operators do not have to take their eyes off the road to operate the radio or siren.  It has a camera system so that individuals can monitor activity in the patient compartment while going down the road which switches automatically to a rear view when backing up or to our blind spots on the rear left and right when the blinkers are activated.  Every seated position in the ambulance has an intercom / radio headset system to reduce noise and make communications easier - so we can virtually whisper to the driver while treating the patient in the back.” 

“Aside from being safe, quiet, and comfortable, it is also designed to be more Eco-Friendly and Fuel Efficient.  This ambulance is also equipped with a “Howler” Siren in addition to the standard electronic siren.   Newer vehicles are so sound proof that they frequently don’t hear ambulance sirens.  The Howler is a lower frequency siren that you can actually feel a ways out, notifying drivers that the ambulance is approaching. This ambulance has some of the most cutting edge equipment available to EMS on board.  It is like a mobile ICU and Trauma Room in one.”   PACE Ambulance Service currently includes 6 ambulances that serve the Oxford County region that respond to over 3,700 calls annually.  There are a minimum of 2 paramedics and 2 emergency medical technicians on duty every shift 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Left to Right:  Bob Hand, Director / Paramedic.  Sally Lane, EMT.  Craig Coleman, Paramedic.  Eric Merrill, EMT.  Al Curtis, EMT.  Adam Petrie, Paramedic.

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