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SMH Louise Fillebrown, RN
Receives SAFE Certification

Louise Fillebrown, RNWestern Maine Health Vice President of Clinical Services, M. Patricia Cook, RN, MBA, EdD, is pleased to announce that Louise Fillebrown, RN has recently received Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) certification.  The SAFE Program provides training for healthcare providers that care for patients who have suffered sexual assault.  The training also provides education and instruction on the use of the Maine sex crimes kit for collection of evidence.

The training requirements for SAFE certification are very time intensive.  Training includes 40 hours of class time followed by clinical requirements to develop skills in performing medical-forensic exams.  This certification will provide Louise with the necessary skills needed to care for a sexual assault patient, conduct a forensic exam and the ability to be an expert or fact witness in court if necessary. 

Louise currently works in the Emergency Department.  Her new certification will be very beneficial to her position at Stephens Memorial Hospital.  When a trained health care provider is available to perform the medical-forensic exam, the waiting period to receive care is minimized, trauma from the assault is reduced, the needs of the patient are attended to and evidence is collected in a manner that meets state standards and promotes successful prosecution.

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