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MSHCC Resident Marietta Allderige
Makes a DifferenceMarietta Allderige

SOUTH PARIS, ME - Marietta Allderige has been a resident at Market Square Health Care Center for just over a year and a half.  Marietta, an area resident since 1998 checked herself in to Market Square Health Care Center and has been having fun ever since.   

Shortly after she moved into Market Square she decided she wanted to make her space a home.  She began making and framing puzzles then hanging them throughout the common areas such as the dining and living room.   Marietta explains, "I love it here.  It is important to me that it's homie and a nice place for everyone."  This is a statement that Marietta has made a reality.  She has worked hard to recognize an area that could use some brightening up and put her efforts into making it better! 

Marietta works on 500 and 1,000 piece puzzles.  When she finds that a piece is missing she will cut the shape out of a piece of paper and then color the piece with markers so the puzzle can be finished.  The pieces Marietta creates blend in so well it is difficult to pick them out once the puzzle is hanging on the wall. 

Tom Lawton, Administrator at Market Square, states "Marietta is a glass is half-full kind of person.  She is energetic, positive and upbeat.  We are grateful to have her at Market Square"

In addition to making puzzles Marietta is very active in events at Market Square and especially enjoys playing Wii Bowling!  


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