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Ingram's Status Renewed

Western Maine Health Vice President of Clinical Services, M. Patricia Cook, RN, MBA, EdD, announced recently that Timothy C. Ingram, CRA, Director of Clinical Diagnostics for Stephens Memorial Hospital (SMH) has renewed all of his Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) status with the Radiology Administration Certification Commission.

CRA status is a credential tailored to radiology administrators and focuses on human resource and asset management, fiscal and operational management, and communication and information management. In addition the certification validates his high level of experience in the radiology field.

Ingram has been the Director of Clinical Diagnostics for 15 years, and employed at SMH for 23 years. As Director he oversees the Respiratory Therapy, Laboratory, Imaging, and Women's Imaging Departments for the hospital.

Cook states, "Tim's pursuit of the Certified Radiology Administrator (CRA) status, a status he has held since 2004, shows his commitment to his profession and constant drive to improve patient care and satisfaction at SMH. This honor is a culmination of his years of management experience and education, and we congratulate him on his hard work!"

Tim lives in Norway with his wife, Melinda.






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