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Olympic Enthusiasts at Market Square

Market Square Health Care Center residents are embracing the 2010 Winter Olympic Games with ferver - in fact - they are holding their own games!


On February 9th, 3 days before the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Vancouver, residents from Market Square carried their own torch and lit a caldron to celebrate the start of the Market Square Olympics. The residents are participating as individuals and as teams in five different events until February 26th. 


Events include, curling, Wii Games, Broom Hockey, Sled Racing and the Thing Fling. There are three teams each with their own team name; Jackie Stevens is the captain of the Paris Flyers, Aarvo Raasumaa is captaining the Jolly Green Giants and Dot Twitchell leads the Rascals. The program will wrap up with a medal ceremony on the 26th.

Photo caption:  Pictured with their torch and specially designed team pins are: back row Aarvo Raasumaa, Jackie Stevens, Dot Twitchell, Janice Fernald seated are: Ethel Davis, Marion Beuttler, Helen Kraul, Robert Scribner, Mary Billings, and Phemie Russell






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