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Stephens Memorial Hospital Joins HealthInfoNet!

HealthInfoNet, a statewide demonstration project designed to allow emergency room physicians, pharmacists and primary care physicians to share medical information which could lower costs, improve care and save lives is scheduled to go online this year.

Beginning in February, some medical information generated in member health care facilities, including Stephens Memorial Hospital, will flow into the system. Other members include Maine Medical Center in Portland, MaineGeneral in Augusta and Waterville, Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston and Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.

When the system becomes fully operational, it will allow providers from Presque Isle to Portland to share some electronic medical records, including prescriptions, lab results and diagnoses, over a secure computer system. Full implementation of the system will require sustained funding, which is not now guaranteed.

Greater access to medical information would allow physicians to provide care more quickly and safely and avoid scheduling redundant tests that can be costly and delay needed treatment. Sharing medical records is often necessary when a patient receives care away from his or her primary care provider. Often records must be faxed from the office of the patient's primary care physician to an emergency room or a specialist.

Initially the system will focus on improving care delivered in hospital emergency departments, where the need for quick, accurate patient information is often critical.

HealthInfoNet is an independent non-profit organization funded by foundations, healthcare providers, the state and federal government and others. HealthInfoNet will not include mental health or substance abuse records or the results of HIV testing. Participation is also optional. People can opt out by filling out a form available at or by calling 1-866-592-4352. Before opting out it is suggested that patients speak with their primary care provider.

Stephens Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Western Maine Health, which is part of the Maine Health® family.  Visit Western Maine Health on the Internet at

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