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Western Maine Family Practices Gets Electronic Medical Records

The physicians of Western Maine Family Practice (WMFP) are pleased to announce that they will be going live with a new MaineHealth Ambulatory Electronic Medical Record (MH AEMR)  this month!

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are a computerized version of the paper medical record.  The electronic medical record will include all health information relative to an individual patient.

Electronic Medical Records have many benefits, including less paperwork for the individual, quicker callbacks, efficient prescription refills, and quick access to an up to date record for medical professionals. 

Karen Gurney, Practice Manager for Western Maine Family Practice shares, "We believe the MaineHealth AEMR will provide our patients with quicker test results and increase the efficiency in our practice.  As more practices in our community transition to the MH AEMR it will inevitably increase the quality of care we provide to our patients".

Patient information is protected on many fronts  with limited access of the record to only those individuals who have a defined relationship with the patient, such as a primary care provider or a specialist physician who is also caring for the patient.

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