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SMH Welcomes 10 New RNs

Western Maine Health Vice President of Clinical Service, M. Patricia Cook, RN, MBA, EdD, is pleased to announce that 10 new Registered Nurses were hired at Stephens Memorial Hospital recently.

The new RNs spent the day on June 17th, touring the hospital, meeting clinical managers, and enjoying orientation, all preparing to start work.  Three RNs have joined the Medical Surgical Department: Kerri O'Leary, Jen Sacco, and Marilyn Swan, both Jen & Marilyn both did clinical rotations at SMH while in nursing school.  Joining the Intensive Care Unit is Danielle Buswell.  The Emergency Services Department welcomes a total of 6 nurses, Gina Giffune, Renee Gilcott, Korri Wass, Laurie Willis, Karen Beaulieu, and Nicole Farnum, who has worked for Western Maine Health as a CNA for several years while she attended nursing school.

For 8 years there has been an acknowledged shortage of nurses in the United States.  M. Patricia Cook states "In Maine, we have felt the shortage for the last 5 years.  The good news is that enrollment in nursing programs has increased by 15% as men and women realize that the opportunities in nursing are challenging and diverse.  The greatest growth in nursing
employment is actually in the over 50 age group.  We welcome the above mentioned nurses
into their new positions.  At Stephens Memorial Hospital we provide RNs with a solid orientation experience and partner them with preceptors or mentors.  We pride ourselves on a friendly, supportive work environment, and we practice our iCare values."

Stephens Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Western Maine Health, which is part of the Maine Health® family.  Visit Western Maine Health on the Internet at

Photo Credits: Newly hired RNs at Stephens Memorial Hospital are flanked by veteran RNs and preceptors front: l-r: Amy Kahkonen, Kim DeSanctis, and Jo Elliott, as well as Vice President-Clinical Pat Cook, RN, MBA, EdD (middle left) and Lisa Heald, RN (Staff Educator).  New RNs middle l-r 2nd from left: Gina Giffune, Marilyn Swan, Jen Sacco, Nicole Farnum, and Danielle Buswell.  Back: l-r: Kerri O'Leary, Korri Wass, Laurie Willis, Karen Beaulieu, and Renee Gilcott

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