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Market Square Administrator Addresses Symposium

Timothy A. Churchill, President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Maine Health announced recently that Philip DuBois, Administrator at Market Square Health Care Center (MSHCC) recently addressed the annual Leadership Symposium sponsored by the Maine Health Care Association in Boothbay Harbor for nursing home managers from all over Maine.  The theme of the symposium this year was Person-Centered Care.

DuBois spoke of putting residents needs and desires first and the changing atmosphere of nursing home care in light of the baby-boomer generations arrival for care.  DuBois addressed his experiences as a resident at his facility, Market Square Health Care Center for two and a half months.  He focused on everything from the dynamic of staff he managed providing care for him to meals, laundry, lack of internet access for residents, and privacy considerations.  Major points for the discussion were regarding issues of the different needs of roommates and emotional preparations to return home, and how these two things impact recovery.

The experiences DuBois had at his own facility as well as the experiences of the staff that cared for him have permanently altered the relationships he has with staff, "it's been positive, (we) now have a much closer relationship and unity." He has been working toward changing how residents and staff interact and helping staff to give residents more input in their daily routines. 

One very important realization that came out of his stay at MSHCC was how the different personalities of staff can impact a resident's perception of quality of care, and how important it is to realize that these types of things do not always show on measures of quality scores but have a large impact on perception of care.

DuBois has been at Market Square for five years. He has worked tirelessly with staff at the facility through the years has proved successful with the facility receiving accolades from across the state.

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