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Stephens Memorial Hospital Diabetes Program Offers Continuous Glucose Monitors

M. Patricia Cook, Senior Vice President - Clinical at Stephens Memorial Hospital announced recently that the Diabetes Program at the hospital now has Continuous Glucose Monitors to offer to patients.

A continuous glucose monitor is a tiny sensor which is inserted under the skin in a painless procedure.  Once inserted, it records up to 288 glucose measurements in a 24 hour period.  The monitor is not intended for long term or daily use; it is to be used as a way to measure an individual's glucose trends in order to determine the best treatment option for that person.  The difference between this monitor and a traditional meter is that the traditional testing only reflects what is occurring at that moment.  Continuous glucose monitoring we can measure trends. The trends show an increase or decrease in glucose as well as how fast changes occur. It records while you work, play, eat and sleep.  These monitors give us important information on what all these functions do to glucose levels.  After 3-4 days of monitoring, we can fine tune diabetes treatment whether it be changing medications or food intake. "It gives us such valuable information, if I had my way, I would have all diabetics wear it for 3 days." Doreen Taylor, RN,BSN,CDE  It is now available at the Stephens Memorial Diabetes Program.

Interested patients need to contact Doreen Taylor in the Diabetes Program at SMH at 743-1562 x773.  A physician referral will be obtained.  The cost of the monitor is covered by Medicare  and private insurance, Mainecare covers the costs for Type 1 diabetics. 
Stephens Memorial Hospital (SMH) and its Diabetes Self-Management Education Program were awarded the prestigious American Diabetes Associate (ADA) Education Recognition Certificate for a quality diabetes self-management education program in January.   The program is staffed by two Certified Diabetes Educators, and offers valuable insight into the prevention and self-management of this chronic disease.  Classes are held on a regular basis in either a one-day or multi-class format.  The program is also certified Ambulatory Diabetes Education and Follow-Up Program site through the Maine Diabetes Prevention and Control Program

For more information about diabetes or other health information, visit the Stephens Memorial Hospital Web site at  Stephens Memorial Hospital is an affiliate of Western Maine Health, which is part of the Maine Health® family. 

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