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Wii! Market Square Residents Enjoy Virtual Bowling

Members of the activities department at Market Square Health Care Center (MSHCC) as well as the administrator, had recently seen articles in long term care publications regarding the use of the Nintendo Wii game system in residential and long term care facilities. Now, they have joined those facilities by introducing the system to residents. 

Wii is Nintendo's latest creation; it differs from the traditional video game where players sit on the couch and push buttons, because it has a motion-sensitive controller allowing users to act-out the motions of the game, such as bowling. 

In late February Lynne Wheeler, Director of Activities at MSHCC, and the activities department unveiled the new system for residents.  This came at a crucial time, when group activities had been canceled and outside visitors restricted due to a flu outbreak.  The introduction of the Wii console allowed staff to bring out residents one or two at a time for an interactive game on the new system, boosting spirits and allowing for much needed interaction.

"We have been having a lot of fun with the Wii." Wheeler shares, "The Wii games offer a variety of low impact exercise and a great way to engage our residents in range of motion.  It's an entertaining way for our residents to enjoy a leisure interest, such as bowling, golf, tennis, baseball, boxing, billiards, fishing, table tennis, and many more games, and it keeps their bodies moving.  This is just the beginning of a lot of healthy active fun for our residents."

MSHCC has purchased two game sets for residents.  The first offers bowling, baseball, boxing, tennis, and golf; the second, a more involved game, where use of the controller buttons is needed, offers fishing, billiards, table tennis, laser hockey, and a shooting range.  So far boxing and bowling are big hits with the residents.  Up to four people at a time can bowl together.

Wheeler says that they hope to set up a bowling league for residents.  They are also signed up for the Bowl for Kids Sake Bowl-a-thon in April. Some residents will be virtually bowling, while others will bowl live in the hall where a bowling set will be set up.

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Photo Caption:  Market Square Health Care Resident Norm Doughty practices bowling on the new Wii System at the facility.

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