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Siemens 64-Slice Scanner Offers Fast, Painless Exams to Catch Disease Early

Powerful, cutting-edge computed tomography (CT) technology is now in use at Stephens Memorial Hospital helping to pinpoint disease earlier and gives doctors more information to plan and track appropriate treatment.   SMH is on the growing list of facilities in the U.S. to obtain the SOMATOM  Sensation 64 CT system from Siemens Medical Solutions.  This scanner can capture thousands of images in seconds and is much quicker than the average CT technology currently employed across the country.

Since its introduction in the 1970s, CT has taken a quantum leap from a "single slice" scan to the 64-slice scan of the Siemens technology. Providing advanced applications and early visualization of disease states, the new system dramatically increases the amount of data acquired from a single scan, obtaining 64 views in a single rotation around the body.

 "The advent of our new state of the art CT Scanner will bring the most advanced care to patients in our region," says Radiologist, William Portner, M.D., "We can see things in the human body that we simply could not see before without invasive surgery. Patients will find increased comfort, shorter scanning times and improved quality of care because doctors will have more data to diagnose and treat disease."  The SOMATOM Sensation 64 is the world's fastest and most advanced 64-slice CT system.

The scanner's ability to routinely deliver unmatched image quality and faster acquisition time is key for cardiac, vascular, neurology, and emergency examinations. The increased speed facilitates data acquisition for patients who have difficulty holding their breath, such as elderly or pediatric patients.

Because doctors obtain incredibly detailed images of the anatomy, they can make more informed diagnostic decisions in a non-invasive manner. For example, with images that offer a clear 3D view of the blood vessels without surgery, the new CT system offers an early and less painful look at possible vascular problems. And, the fast turnaround time can lead to quicker intervention and treatment when necessary.  A 10-second CT exam can rule out several conditions very quickly or pinpoint a problem early in the process.

 Tim Ingram, Director of Clinical Diagnostics states: "For patients, the CT examination is fast, straightforward and painless. For doctors, there is much more information acquired to aid in diagnosis and treatment decisions. In fact, this system is so advanced that CT may have future roles in medicine that we cannot even imagine today."

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