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LincolnHealth – St. Andrews Campus and Healthcare

First Aid and CPR
A respiratory therapist, physical therapist or nurse works closely with each student, helping them obtain the skills necessary to perform first aid and CPR or otherwise assist an injured or ill person.

In first aid, our goal is to teach skills such as scene survey, disease precaution, victim assessment, physical exam with sample history, bleeding, shock, anaphylaxis, open wounds, amputations, impaled objects, bandages and dressings, burns, head, chest, abdominal, and pelvic injuries, fractures, joint and muscle injuries, types of splints, ingested poison, alcohol and drug emergencies, animal and human bites, insect bites and stings, freezing, heat illness and moving injured victims.

The Good Samaritan Law is used to encourage students to assist others needing help. This law grants immunity against lawsuits when acting in an emergency. During CPR, students will learn basic life support including chain of survival, airway obstruction, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, infant, child and adult basic life support, heart attack, angina, stroke, asthma, hyperventilation, defibrillation with an AED monitor, cardiac arrest, risk factors, steps of CPR, face shield, bag-mask device and cricoid pressure, in addition to practicing the steps of team work.

It takes approximately eight hours to learn the basics. For more information on class dates and times or to register for a class, please contact the Cardiopulmonary Department at St. Andrews or visit our calendar of events.


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