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LincolnHealth – St. Andrews Campus and Healthcare - Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service
Call 911 for emergencies!

The ambulance personnel initiate treatment and maintain breathing while transporting patients to St. Andrews. Many people feel they can get their loved one to the hospital before the ambulance can get to the house. But ambulance service is important not so much for speed as for the interventions the ambulance personnel can accomplish en route.

If a family member is driving a sick passenger and he or she passes out and their airway closes, what is the driver to do? Stop the car and open the airway, or keep driving and compromise the oxygenation of the brain? If the passenger goes into cardiac arrest, will the driver know what to do? The ambulance staff can start CPR in the home of the patient or on the road, and CPR may continue en route to the hospital uninterrupted. If a patient is in a car and is not breathing, the nurses spend valuable time trying to extricate the patient and get them into the emergency department before treatment can even begin. Time equals brain function or heart function if oxygen is lacking to either of these organs. Call the ambulance—they are there to help!

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