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Diabetes Education

St. Andrews is proud to continue offering Adult Diabetes Education Follow-Up (ADEF) classes to the community for those diagnosed with Diabetes.  Staggering statistics from the Diabetes Prevention and Control Division of Community and Family Health reveal that the rate of those diagnosed each year, both in adolescence and adults alike, is on the rise.  As many as one out of every ten Maine adults may have Diabetes.  New data suggests that 40% of people ages 40-47 have a condition known as Pre-Diabetes.  In Maine this would amount to 201,834 people. 

LincolnHealth - St. Andrews Campus strives to provide programs that encourage and allow for a state of well-being by teaching self-management of a condition as in our ADEF program.  The ADEF program is a 12 month Diabetes program presently started four times a year.  It teaches self-management of Diabetes to those adults newly diagnosed as well as those adults requiring re-education and knowledge to live a healthy state of well-being.

Through the ADEF program, St. Andrews is able to offer a comprehensive program including:

  • An initial visit with the diabetic nurse educator to develop a baseline of information in tailoring an individual program for your diabetes management.
  • An initial visit with the dietician to develop a baseline of information enabling the ability to begin meal plans that will benefit the patients' life style.
  • 8 hours of casual yet comprehensive curriculum covering basic information regarding all aspects of Diabetes.
  • Follow-up 1:1 meetings with nurse and dietician two to four weeks post class.
  • Follow-up 1:1 meetings with nurse and/or dietitian to continue education in areas requiring more focus at three months, six months and twelve months (nine months if needed).
  • Support by phone by trained Diates professionals in understanding community resources to assist with self-management of Diabetes.

A physician referral is required with a diagnosis of Diabetes.  The cost of the program is individual based on the patients' healthcare coverage plan and should be investigated prior to the start of the program.  Check with your individual plan for specific coverage information or cal  St. Andrews Diabetes Education for assistance once a referral has been received. 

Lifescan has issued a safety alert on One Touch, Ultra, Induo and Fast Take Blood Glucose monitors. 

For Diabetes-Friendly recipes:

To contact St. Andrews Adult Diabetes Education, please call 207-633-1972 or 207-633-1971.



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