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Referral and Admission Process: Developmental Disorders Program

How to Make a Referral

Call the Admissions Department at 207-761-6644 
OR  the Social Worker in the Developmental Disorders Program
 a (207) 661-6333.

Referral Form

A referral packet will be mailed or faxed to the referral source and completed by whoever knows the patient best. Once the Referral Form
is completed and returned to the Developmental Disorders Program:

  • The referral is reviewed by the clinical team and determination is made if the child is eligible for treatment.  At this time, there may be additional requests for records to help in the decision-making process. Decisions are typically made and communicated within 48 hours after the referral forms have been reviewed.
  • If a child has been accepted into the program and there are open beds available, an admission date is scheduled. If no beds are available, the child is placed on a wait list.

What To Expect Once a Child Is Admitted To the Developmental Disorders Program

  • Prior to admission, a second questionnaire is sent to the parents of the child. This questionnaire provides insight about the child's daily functioning and behavioral needs and allows the clinical team to develop an individualized behavioral program for the child.
    Patient Questionnaire
  • On the day of admission, parents and providers meet with the clinical team to discuss any follow-up questions or concerns.


Read an interview with Matthew Siegel, M.D.,
Medical Director
of the Developmental Disorders Program
at Spring Harbor Hospital

  • Treatment begins on day one. Family involvement is paramount to the successful treatment of the child. Families are asked to come in weekly to either meet with the social worker or the clinical team.
  • As the child makes progress, his or her family is asked to come in and "shadow" the program's staff to learn the behavioral program. As families feel more comfortable, they are asked to "run" the behavioral program with their child. This helps them build confidence so that they can continue to help their child outside of the hospital.
  • At the time of discharge, families are given a binder that includes  the behavioral plan, intervention tools, and a schedule to support a successful transition back home.

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