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Glickman Family Center Celebrates First Anniversary
Center's youth psychiatry programs have touched the lives of 15,000 young people 

(December 16, 2007)- With a $1 million gift from Cape Elizabeth residents Judith & Albert Glickman, The Glickman Family Center for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry has helped enrich the lives of nearly 15,000 young people in Maine since it was established only one year ago. 

The Glickman Family Center for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry comprises all youth psychiatric programs of Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland and Spring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook. Programs are overseen by MMC & Spring Harbor Chief of Psychiatry Girard Robinson, MD, and a recently named Glickman Family Center Medical Chair, Douglas Robbins, MD.   

Over its first 12 months, The Glickman Family Center has touched young people and their families throughout southern Maine, thanks to services such as in-home and in-school psychiatric support, emergency room psychiatry, hospital care, outpatient mental health treatment, and even tele-psychiatry to remote locations, such as Caribou and Mount Desert Island. 

Services include some found nowhere else in Maine: a child psychiatry residency and fellowship program; a nationally recognized psychiatric research program; and hospital care for youth who have both psychiatric illnesses and developmental disorders, such as autism. 

Spring Harbor Hospital CEO Dennis King says the true meaning of the Glickman family's gift is evidenced in thank-you notes received regularly from the families of youth served by The Center.  He says a letter received last week from a family whose child received care from the Developmental Disorders Treatment Program is a perfect example.  It reads, "We really don't have the words to describe how grateful we feel. Beyond just providing our son with a safe environment, you have made him feel valued and loved.  Our son has many deficits, but he has a memory like no other. You have touched the life of a boy who will never, ever forget you."

Additional ways in which The Glickman Family Center has touched young people in its inaugural year of service include:  

  • Receipt of a $14 million grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to expand research in early identification of serious psychiatric illness in youth;
  • Development of an Autism, Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Clinic on the Maine Medical Center campus to assess and treat young children and families in Greater Portland;
  • Merger with Integrated Behavioral Healthcare, Inc. of Scarborough to expand psychiatry services for youth and families in Greater Portland;
  • Purchase of a passenger transport van for patients of the Developmental Disorders Treatment Program at Spring Harbor Hospital, with generous support from the Maine Community Foundation, Davis Family Foundation, and UNUM;
  • Launch of the first Glickman Family Center annual appeal to support youth programming at Spring Harbor Hospital;
  • Establishment of a Family Advisory Committee to provide ongoing feedback and guidance to The Glickman Center's youth programs;
  • Pilot of a mental health integrated treatment model within six pediatric and family practices in southern, central, western, and mid-coast Maine, which just received an additional $324,000 grant from the Maine Health Access Foundation to expand to as many as 18 Maine practices; and
  • Planning for the first-annual Girard E. Robinson, MD, Youth Psychiatry Symposium.

According to Dr. Robbins, much remains to be done to fulfill the Glickman family's vision for The Center to be "the premier provider of youth psychiatric care in Northern New England." In keeping with that vision, clinical leaders begin next month to craft the strategic plan for The Center's coming 12-month growth period. 

As part of that process, Dr. Robbins says he is especially interested in continuing the work already begun by The Center's youth psychiatry professionals to "improve the coordination and quality of treatment among all the programs of The Glickman Family Center."  He says it is equally important to continue building "a system of care that is data driven and in which systematic assessment of patients' treatment outcomes can continuously improve patient care."

Participation of former patients and their loved ones on the new Family Advisory Committee will help ensure the programs respond appropriately to families' needs, Dr. Robbins notes. 

King says he was "astounded" at how many lives the new youth psychiatry center has touched in its first year.

"The Glickmans tell us they are pleased that their gift has impacted so many young people in only a year's time," King reports. "We look forward to continued growth in the numbers of youth and families served by the Center each year, particularly in community programs such as in-home treatment, early intervention, and collaboration with primary care. These services are key to helping keep kids out of the hospital." 

Through locations across Greater Portland and agreements with providers statewide, Spring Harbor Hospital in Westbrook and The Glickman Family Center for Child & Adolescent Psychiatry offer the region's most complete nonprofit mental health and co-occurring substance abuse treatment, training, and research programs to benefit Maine youth and families. To learn more, call 207-761-2200 or visit

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