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Maine Behavioral Healthcare
Psychiatric Nursing

"Day in the Life" testimonials from psychiatric nurses 

"I'm proud to be an integral part of a team that mirrors my values, devotion, and commitment to patient care.  Together, we take pride in providing a professional, supportive service that's vital to our patients, their families, and our community!"
--Mamie Mailo, RN 

"The challenge can be exciting and the activity on the adult unit can be exhausting, but when those patients leave with plans to continue outpatient therapy, it's a wonderful thing.  But the sincere smile and thanks they give you is over-the-top awesome!"
--Sue Ginnett, RN

"Working with adolescents is both rewarding and challenging.  When I go home at night, I feel pride in the work I do--helping young people make positive changes in their lives."
-- Heidi Drew, RN

 "I enjoy having the opportunity to help adolescents in the difficult process of dealing with a mental illness.  To see a depressed teenager come alive with a smile is a highlight of my job."
-- Deb Mason, RN

 "The staff I work with are fabulous, and I love being able to help teenagers."
-- Megan Brown, RN

 "The staff at Spring Harbor are great to work with."
-- Lynn Welch, RN

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