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Physician Leadership Development Fellowship

About the MaineHealth Physician Leadership Development Fellowship

The Physician Leadership Development Fellowship is a program led by MaineHealth to help physicians from across the MaineHealth system develop their leadership skills, knowledge and capacity. MaineHealth member and affiliate organizations identify and nominate physicians to participate in the program.

Program Goals

  • Identify and develop a cadre of physician leaders who are willing to take on leadership roles and who can help MaineHealth and its partners achieve the mission and goals of MaineHealth.
  • Foster relationships among physician leaders across the region.
  • Sustain and nurture physician leaders across the region. 

Benefits of Participation

  • No cost to emerging physician leaders
  • Opportunity to further develop leadership competencies, knowledge and skills that promote a collaborative leadership style
  • Opportunity to form a network of peer relationships with other emerging physician leaders from across the MaineHealth system  





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