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Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)
for Children and Adolescents

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is a service provided by a team from various disciplines. Maine Behavioral Healthcare’s ACT team for children consists of a master’s-level social worker, who provides individual and family therapy; a clinical case worker, who provides case management and behavioral support including supportive counseling and behavioral coaching; and a program manager, who oversees the provision of services.

Embedded in and central to the program is a psychiatric nurse practitioner, who receives clinical oversight by a psychiatrist who specializes in treating children. ACT is a 24-hour service with an on-call emergency phone number that connects you directly to someone on your child’s treatment team for personalized crisis support.

RedLeaf50px.gif How can ACT help my family?

ACT strives to keep each child in the least-restrictive setting, reducing hospitalizations, mental health-related emergency room visits, and crisis unit stays. ACT accomplishes this by providing a high level of services within the home and 24-hour crisis support. ACT teams generally see clients and their families a minimum of two times per week, with the number of visits based on each client’s individual needs. ACT works in the child’s natural environment, collaborating with schools, the legal system, and other providers and natural supports to reduce the need for hospitalization, crisis services, or admission to a residential treatment facility.

RedLeaf50px.gif What can your family expect from ACT treatment?

The ACT team members will work with your family to provide a comprehensive and collaborative assessment. The team will use the best practices to achieve expected outcomes, including decreased hospitalizations, decreased crisis evaluations, improved school engagement, and maintaining stability in the home environment. Best practices that may be used include, but are not limited to, psycho-education, parent coaching, affect (emotional) regulation, cognitive behavioral therapy, skills building, relaxation techniques, and problem-solving skills. Therapy may include all family members, the client only, or parents/caretakers only without the client present.

RedLeaf50px.gif Why is the team important?

The ACT team works together to provide the highest quality of care possible for your family. Rather than having multiple services from multiple agencies and provider, all your mental and behavioral health needs are addressed by the multi-disciplinary team, who meet several times per week to collaborate and discuss how to provide individualized treatment.


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Children’s ACT services are offered at our Springvale location.

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Karen Leary, Program Manager of Child ACT

(207) 490-8379



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