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Community Rehabilitation Apartments

Community Rehabilitation Apartments are a transition living step to more permanent, independent housing.

Residents of this program are more psychiatrically stable and better at managing their illnesses. This program offers residents the opportunity and responsibility of greater independence. Staff support is more limited than in group homes and are focused on residents’ practicing independent living skills, including: self-care, cooking, cleaning, money management, and leisure time planning. Residents generally have a commitment to work, school, or volunteerism outside of the residential program. They also accept greater responsibility for self-medication.

RedLeaf50px.gif Services include:
  • Residential staff provides support 12 hours a day, 6 days a week
  • Periodic coordination with treatment providers
  • Crisis management, as needed on 24/7 basis
  • Medication monitoring and support of resident self-medication
  • Periodic family communication
  • Resident goal planning
  • Recovery and life enrichment focus

RedLeaf50px.gif Community Rehab Apartments:

Alfred Street, Biddeford

The Elms, North Berwick

For more information about Maine Behavioral Healthcare’s Residential and Supported Housing Services, please contact
Mindy A. Knight, LCSW, Senior Program Manager of Residential Services at (207) 294-7875.




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