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Outpatient Psychiatry and Tele-Psychiatry

Ten of our clinical locations offer non-intensive outpatient psychiatric services. These services include psychiatric evaluations, regularly scheduled medical management, and one-on-one psychiatric treatment sessions. Clients and patients can get rapid access to these services through physician referral or a personal appointment. Many of our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners work with children, and all work with families and individual support systems.

Telemedicine – where doctor and patient see and talk to one another in real time on video screens in two locations, oftentimes many miles apart – is a growing trend in Maine and across the country. Tele-psychiatry has a proven track record of success that has been documented for years. In addition to expanding the geographic reach of psychiatrists – especially to rural areas with few doctors – there are other benefits to this technology. Tele-psychiatry can reduce the stigma of seeing a psychiatrist, and can lessen the anxiety of office visits for children and adolescents, and adults. Currently, Maine Behavioral Healthcare has a children’s tele-psychiatry program based in Farmington, Maine, and plans to expand the program in the future.




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