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Behavioral Health Homes

Behavioral Health Homes are a MaineCare service designed to help you manage your mental and physical health needs. This service is available through community mental health providers such as Maine Behavioral Healthcare.

Adults with mental illness often have other health issues they need help with, such as diabetes, heart disease, and lung disease.

RedLeaf50px.gif The Behavioral Health Home can help you:
  • Avoid going to the Emergency Room or being hospitalized.
  • Make an individual plan that includes your mental health and physical health strengths, needs, and goals.
  • Work together with your doctor.
  • Get the services and support you need.
  • With referrals.
  • Get services if you are coming home from the hospital or a residential facility.
  • Get information about your care.

RedLeaf50px.gif How are Behavioral Health Home services different from your current case management services?
  • It is a team approach. Your case manager works with you, a nurse, a clincial team leader, and a peer support specialist.
  • It is a whole person approach. It can help you reach your mental and physical health goals, not just one or the other.
  • It is integrated. Your Behavioral Health Home team and your primary care provider work together to help you improve your health.
  • It includes consumer and family support and education. You can get information and support when you need it.

RedLeaf50px.gif If you think the Behavioral Health Home might work for you, here's how to get more information:

If you already get case management services with Maine Behavioral Healthcare, you can talk to your case manager about the service. Otherwise, please contact:

Alan Bean Burpee, Director of Case Management
Maine Behavioral Healthcare
(207) 490-8431


Note: the service is not available at all of our clinical locations.




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