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Substance Use Treatment

Maine Behavioral Healthcare provides a full range of substance use treatment services for adults, adolescents, and families. Our licensed professionals focus on helping people examine their relationship with alcohol and drugs and develop healthy, fulfilling lives. We strive at all times to establish with our clients a positive working relationship that recognizes people’s strengths and supports their self-efficacy. The program uses protocols shown by research to be effective, that are client centered, and assist people wherever they are in their recovery.


Individual and Group Therapy

Driver Education and Evaluation Program

Intensive Outpatient Program

Outpatient Eligibility

Program Fees


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RedLeaf50px.gif Evaluations

Most services begin with an assessment of an individual’s need for substance use services, followed by a recommendation for the most appropriate level of care. Others affected by the substance use of a family member may also qualify for services through this program.

RedLeaf50px.gif Individual and Group Therapy

We offer substance use treatment utilizing individual and group modalities based on the Stages of Change Model: Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance and Relapse Prevention Stages. Our treatment is sensitive to the needs of clients who have suffered co-occurring disorders.

Click here to view "A Guide to the Use of Recovery-Oriented Language," which describes a word-based treatment protocol used by our clinicians.

RedLeaf50px.gif Driver Education and Evaluation Program

Maine Behavioral Healthcare is licensed to provide Driver Education and Evaluation Program (DEEP) assessment and treatment for person with legal charges. 

RedLeaf50px.gif Intensive Outpatient Program

We offer an effective and flexible Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) to help people recover from serious drug and alcohol addiction. We also can provide the Differential Substance Abuse Treatment (DSAT) model, recognized as effective by the court and corrections systems in Maine. DSAT has been the treatment required of all Adult Drug Courts in the state. We can also create a customized IOP based on client need.

Integrated Treatment

For people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.

RedLeaf50px.gif Outpatient Eligibility

Individuals who do not require a higher level of care (detox, intensive outpatient, etc.) are eligible for outpatient services. Most insurances and MaineCare are accepted. People without insurance are accepted using a sliding fee scale. 

Client Expectations

  • Attend consistently and in a timely manner. You will be give an copy of our attendance policy with further details.
  • Maintain a safe recovery environment by:
  1. Presenting in a condition that will allow you to benefit from services. Intoxicated clients may be rescheduled and assisted in making arrangements for a safe return home.
  2. Conduct yourself in a polite and respectful manner at all times.
  3. Refraining from buying, selling, using or sharing substances on agency grounds.
  4. Providing honest feedback about your recovery experience (including relapses) so that best outcomes can be achieved.
  5. Making timely payments for services and providing all of the information for billing purposes.

Drug Testing

Clients may be asked to provide urine samples to monitor drug and alcohol use.

RedLeaf50px.gif Program Fees
  • Outpatient services are billed at $21 per quarter-hour unit.
  • IOP is billed at $125 per day.
  • MaineCare and private insurance accepted.
  • A sliding scale is available for people in financial need.

Substance use treatment services are available at our Belfast, Biddeford, Rockland, Springvale and Westbrook clinics.




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