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Adult Residence and Supported Housing Services

Maine Behavioral Healthcare provides a variety of residential treatment options for adults with mental illness, ranging from the least intensive Community Rehabilitation Apartment programs to the most intensive Level IV Group Home setting. Our residences are located in York and Knox Counties and staffed by trained residential care professionals.

Our adult residence and supported housing services include:

RedLeaf50px.gif The Benefits of Community and Supported Living

Research shows that community and supported living can be an important step in attaining recovery for people with mental illness.

How do quality housing programs help recovery?

  • Community living reduces stigma. People with mental illness living in apartments or community housing are more accepted, less lonely, and have a greater quality of live compared to those in specialized treatment facilities.

  • Housing improves overall functioning and quality of life. Research shows improved cognitive and social skills, less disability, and higher levels of self-care.

  • High-quality housing reduces hospital readmission rates. Lack of quality housing can contribute to the “revolving door” phenomenon experienced by so many people with mental illness.

  • Housing has a critical effect on relapse rates. One study concluded that when people need both residential and psychiatric services, housing is more important than psychiatric services for the clients’ ability to stay in the community.

  • The vast majority of people (80-90%) with severe mental illness would prefer to live in the community as opposed to a psychiatric institution.



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