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Educational Presentations

Drug Selection and Administration in the Pediatric Short Bowel (.pdf) 
Group Case Study Presentation 2013 Nutrition Symposium (.pdf)

Nutrition and Palliative Care Nutrition Symposium 2013 (.pdf)

Hereditary Colorectal Cancer: Maine Medical Center’s Experience (.pdf)

You Are What You Eat: Health Considerations with Specialized Diets (.pdf)

A Crooked Path - Finding Our Way Through Research (.pdf)

Best Practices in Pediatric Oncology: Enteral vs. Parenteral Nutrition (.pdf)

Chanegs in the Healthcare Landscape...More Reason to Strengthen the Multidisciplinary Approach to Identifying & Treating Malnutrition (.pdf)

Development of an Equation to Estimate Resting Energy Expenditure after SAH an ICH (.pdf)

Etilogy-Based Coding Tool for Malnutrition (.pdf)

Malnutrition Intervention Strategies: Understanding the Economic & Biologic Drivers Behind the Scene (.pdf)

Measured vs. Predicted Energy Expenditure in Critically Ill Patients (.pdf)

Nutrition and ICU Pharmacology (.pdf)

Participating in International Nutrition Survey 2011 (.pdf)

Putting the Evidence in Evidence Based Practice (.pdf)

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