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Clinical Pastoral Education


Maine Medical Center offers two types of C.P.E. programs:

  1. Summer CPE program: An eleven week full-time program (8 hours a day) with one weekend on-call. It begins in late May and goes through early August.

  2. Extended CPE program: It meets each Monday and Thursday (8 hours a day) from mid-September through mid-April.

The program at Maine Medical Center offers both Level I and Level II CPE programs. Beginning units focus on pastoral identity, understanding spiritual care, pastoral theology, the nature of religion/spirituality as a resource for human health and growth, and the meaning of illness and health.

The CPE Unit involves assignments to patient units, interpersonal group interaction, written impressions, verbatim reports, personal supervisory conferences, didactic lectures, worship leadership, and personal and program evaluation.

Consequent CPE units can allow for specialization in a particular area of pastoral care in the health care setting within the program requirements as above. Encouragement is given to a more profound understanding of the setting and process of CPE

In order to fulfill these responsibilities, students spend approximately 60% of their time in contact with patients and 40% in seminars, didactics, and supervision. Ministry to patients is paramount in their work. Other learning occurs through experiences shared in working with peers and hospital staff. The supervisor directs, guides, reviews, and evaluates all of these experiences with students.

CPE students during the Summer program spend one day per week at a local community placement. This expanded pastoral care provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate care and concern for people in very different types of settings.


CPE is open to seminary students, clergy, religious practitioners and lay people. Credit for successful completion can be used for academic, denominational, or certification purposes. It can also be an opportunity to prepare for ministry or discerning spiritual dimensions of practice in a related field.


Applications should be submitted on the standard ACPE application form with the required accompanying material to:

The Rev. Catherine F. Garlid
Director, Spiritual Care
Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall Street
Portland, ME 04102

Telephone: (207) 662-2951
Fax: (207) 662-6212

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