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Health News
A Billion Smokers, 240 Million Alcohol Abusers Worldwide: Study 05/19/2015
Global tally finds adult health toll from legal substances may exceed that from illicit drugs
Health News
A Daily Cup of Tea May Soothe Your Heart 03/01/2016
Regular drinkers had fewer heart attacks, less calcium buildup in their arteries, study finds
Health News
A Few Key Steps Can Protect Your Heart and Kidneys 04/07/2016
Study cites smoking, body fat, exercise, blood pressure among factors to pay attention to
Health News
A Healthy Body Often Equals a Healthy Brain 06/30/2015
Experts stress that exercise, good diet help maintain memory as much as mental challenges do
Health News
A Healthy Heart May Protect an Aging Brain 03/16/2016
Study found seniors who met more heart-healthy goals showed less decline in thinking skills
Health News
A High Salt and Potassium Diet May Accelerate Chronic Kidney Disease 09/17/2015
Study participants had far more sodium than the recommended daily limit
Health News
A Man's Meat Intake Might Influence His Fertility: Study 08/05/2015
Couples undergoing IVF treatments fared worse if his consumption of processed meats was high
Health News
A Mild Flu Season, and the End Is in Sight: CDC 04/12/2016
This year's vaccine was a very good match, officials say
Health News
A New Health Perk for Coffee Drinkers? 04/01/2016
The brew, in any form, might cut colon cancer risk; the more you drink, the lower the risk, study suggests
Health News
A Newborn's Heart Attack Shows Heart Can Regrow, Recover 12/11/2015
This case and animal research demonstrate regeneration of cells is possible, researchers say
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