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Falls Prevention Information for Patients and Families

STEADI (Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths, & Injuries) Materials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

STEADI Stay Independent Brochure
Falls are the main reason why older people lose their independence. Check to see if you are at risk.

Postural Hypotension - What It Is and How to Manage It (brochure)
Postural hypotension (or orthostatic hypotension) is when your blood pressure drops when you go from lying down to sitting up or from sitting to standing. When your blood pressure drops, less blood can go to your organs and muscles. This can make you likely to fall.

Chair Rise Exercise

Other Helpful Materials

Brochures and Posters from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Falls Among Older Adults  (Order FREE)

Home Safety Checklist - Brochure from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (Color brochure with photos. May take a minute to download.) 
This checklist will help you to find dangers in your home that may cause you to fall.  It also offers tips to fix the dangers. 

Home Safety Checklist - Handout
Adapted from the Safety for Older Consumers Home Safety Checklist, which is a publication of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Fall Prevention Information for Patients and Families
This booklet offers information to help you prevent falls.

Fall Prevention Information for Patients and Families (download)


A Matter of Balance: Managing Concerns About Falls

Many older adults experience a fear of falling. People who develop this fear often limit their activities, which can result in physical weakness, making the risk of falling even greater. A Matter of Balance is a program designed to reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels among older adults. A Matter of Balance includes eight two-hour sessions for a small group led by a trained facilitator.

Learn more about the program.


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