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Deaf Community Health Workers offer  A Matter of Balance to Minnesota residents
Submitted by MOB Master Trainer Emily Farah-Miller, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging   

Magdalena Bachmeier (right) and Barbara Schmidt participate in a MOB class offered through the Deaf Community Health Worker Project in Minnesota. Photo by Emily Farah-Miller.


Last year, we shared a story about the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging in North St. Paul, Minnesota, conducting a Matter of Balance coach training for the Deaf through the Deaf Community Health Worker Project. The Deaf Community Health Worker group now includes five Matter of Balance coaches and one Master Trainer. In 2011, the Project offered five classes to the Deaf community entirely in American Sign Language.

"The classes were held at The Bread of Life Church for the Deaf in Minneapolis; Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in Richfield; Fridley Senior Center in Fridley; and Cedar Valley Church in Bloomington,” said Emily Farah-Miller, A Matter of Balance Master Trainer with the Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging. “The settings all have programming in place for the Deaf community or are in the geographic pockets of the Twin Cities where Deaf adults reside. Class sizes ranged from 6 to 8 individuals, with a total of 34 participants successfully completing the MOB program.” 

In 2012, the Project expects to offer additional MOB classes and a coach training in the fall. 


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